We are a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that have been in the space since 2012 on a mission to drive awareness and global adoption.

As members of different cryptocurrencies communities we always wanted to represent our favourite teams with merchandise but there was never a place to get the official gear. 

So we partnered with the core teams of our favourite cryptocurrencies to create their official merchandise line. 

The next step was encouraging the community to pay with their crypto in a secure and easy way. That's exactly what we have done!

With us you can:

  • Pay with over 55 different cryptocurrencies
  • Support your favourite team with a % of every sale going back to them
  • Receive product anywhere in the world since we ship globally

Together we can push the adoption of cryptocurrencies and fight the good fight. 

Do you want merchandise for your own cryptocurrency? 

Do you want crypto merchandise for your event or conference?

Do you want to just say what's up to some fellow HODLERS?